What is Wellness?

It is the set of things necessary to live well. It applies to the condition of a person who enjoys good physical and mental health, which gives him a feeling of satisfaction and tranquility or, the status of a person whose economic condition allows him to live with ease or supplied with everything that leads to having a good time and with tranquility.

Well-being is a state achieved when a health condition minimizes the possibility of getting sick: it is achieved through a combination of healthy emotional, environmental, mental, physical, social and spiritual elements. 

Well-being is the ability to lead a happy and balanced life: it not only implies a physical factor, but also an intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual component.

What is the wellness committee of Tamoan Zen in Rancho Labradores?

It is formed by a group of neighbors who meet every 15 days to organize activities, events and services that promote a healthy and close coexistence of the people who belongs to the community of Rancho Los Labradores.

In more than 14 years, Rancho Los Labradores has distinguished itself by the feeling of community that has been generated among the inhabitants of this beautiful development. Among the activities that are carried out periodically, organized by the welfare committee, are: Thanksgiving celebration, spring celebration, concerts by resident musicians of Rancho Los Labradores, concerts for the music chamber festival of San Miguel de Allende, Jazz concerts in collaboration with the Jazz Festival of San Miguel de Allende, wine tastings, book presentations, celebrations for the independence of Mexico and the United States, day of the dead, etc.


Organize the best events, activities and services to improve the quality of life of our community


Make the Rancho Labradores community the best place to live for Mexicans and foreigners of all ages

Tamoan Zen in this new phase of Rancho Los Labradores, the concept of sustainability and well-being form a fundamental part from the planning of it.

The internal walking circuit, the vegetables garden and the central lake zone, among other features of the project, are elements that will promote interaction and coexistence among people who have decided to live in Tamoan Zen. On the other hand, the resident owners of Tamoan Zen, acquire a lifetime membership to enjoy the Rancho Los Labradores Clubhouse, subject to certain conditions and regulations. In this place you can enjoy thermal water pools, a clay tennis court, plastic arts studio, gym and large gardens with fruit trees.

The avant-garde spirit and love for the care of natural resources will be a characteristic of the inhabitants of Tamoán Zen, which will surely be transformed into thoughts aligned in the same direction towards the care of the resources of future generations.